Winter Sport Registration will open on October 16th and Close on November 20th

Middle School Participation

Athletics are typically offered for students in 7th or 8th grade. The decision to allow 6th grade participation in a given sport or season will be based on "need to sustain the program" as determined by the Athletic Director and Principal. In addition, 6th grade participation cannot cause displacement of another student-athlete's own team (7th or 8th grade candidate for the team).

Athletic participation at Narragansett Middle School requires a student to be eligible in both academics and social standing with the school. Please review those sections of Middle School handbook for more information.

Junior Varsity and/or Varsity Participation

Eighth grade students may occasionally be called upon to participate in sports at Narragansett Regional High School based on "need to sustain the program" as determined by a number of factors. MIAA Rule 51 permits this under a waiver. Application for a waiver is handled by the Athletic Director.  


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The mission of the Narragansett Regional School District's Athletic Program is to teach and reinforce the values associated with discipline, performing under stress, teamwork, sacrifice, commitment, effort, accountability, citizenship, confidence, leadership and organizational skills, participating within rules, physical well-being and healthy life styles, striving toward excellence, ethics, playing within the spirit of the rules and good sportsmanship; all values we emphasize within our program.

All student athletes are governed under the rules and regulations set by the MIAA except those Narragansett Regional School District rules and regulations above the minimum standard detailed in the Narragansett Regional High School student handbook. If you have any questions, please contact your coach, athletic director, assistant principal and/or principal. Students and parents may view the rules and regulations at the M.I.A.A. website at www.miaa.net.